VegasRobert title card

Norway is beautiful, no doubt about it, there’re Fjords and mountains, and I haven’t seen this much green since my dad was counting dollar bills back when our casino was thriving! But in terms of casino inspiration, I expected more. I mean, I won coffee at bingo! Who gambles for coffee? And above all, who

Northern Lights Cafe

I’m sure by now all of yous have seen the latest episode of my adventures. And if not, lemme just say…shame on you! But don’t worry, I’ll catch you up real quick; I’m in Norway! That’s right, I’m in the land of Fjords and mountains, as my journey to find inspiration on how to create

Alright, alright…I know you all want to know where in Northern Europe I ended up! And this journey has taken me to Norway, guys. And I have to say, it is so freaking cold here, I don’t know how long I can take it. But I also gotta admit that those Northern Lights are so

Off to the Northern Lights

I finally arrived at my destination. And darn it, if I won’t be freezing my butt of here. A hot desert city with pretty lights, this is not! But I have firm ground under my feet again, so there’s that. I feel like this trip took forever, but I finally made it. I got off

Leaving plane

On the road again…

Mar 06,2019

Hey! It’s been a while Bet you thought I got lost on my pursuit of getting my casino business rolling again. But I didn’t. Lemme tell you what I’ve been up to! You probably remember that my casino in Vegas was a bit…erm…how do I put it, well…it was going to s#it. Why sugar coat