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May 15,2018

I can tell you, back when I was a rugrat, life was good. It was in the 50s in Las Vegas and my old man and my ma were the two best and hardest-working people I could ever know. When I was six, pa bought a restaurant and turned it into a casino. I know they wanted to make some decent money for a change, but it wasn’t that easy, and we struggled. They never got out of that casino anymore and worked their butts off. I barely got to see them anymore.

My pa did whatever he could to make me feel less alone. He was a real stand-up guy, you see? And I knew that he only wanted me to have it better than him and ma. And after a decade’s worth of back-breaking work, he was finally there. The casino business went through the roof and for the first time in my life, we had serious money. And you can imagine that this also attracted the ladies. I didn’t have to chase skirt, skirt chased me!

But money can’t buy happiness, as they say. I never believed this rubbish until I saw it for myself. But this casino was more curse than blessing. My ma finally got fed up, never seeing pa anymore and hitched a ride to ‘god knows where’. I was left alone with pa, who was still working day in and day out – talk about a rough childhood. Things got worse before they got better, and all the work took a toll on pa and he died.

Binions Horseshoe Las Vegas

When I took over the casino, it was buzzing and money flooded in. But a couple years later, things really started to fall apart. This thing called an Online Casino started to shoot up left and right and it really took a bite out of my casino business. The internet is full of those freakish casinos that promise you the casino feeling in your own living room. But let me tell you a little something: That’s not a thing, bozo! Nothing compares to the real Vegas. And no one can convince me otherwise!

Now, I’m sitting here, looking at this new craze called VegasCasino, where they took a saying, I have used since those guys were in diapers. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was always a great reason to go a little crazy on your casino trip to Sin City. But now they’re saying, “What happens in Vegas, happens here”! What does that even mean? Where’s here?

If you ask me, those guys are insane. They can never improve on or even copy the real deal that is Las Vegas and I’m going to proof it to you. I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets about my city and then you’ll never want to step another foot into an online casino. Let me show you the real Vegas!

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