VegasRobert title card

Norway is beautiful, no doubt about it, there’re Fjords and mountains, and I haven’t seen this much green since my dad was counting dollar bills back when our casino was thriving!

But in terms of casino inspiration, I expected more. I mean, I won coffee at bingo! Who gambles for coffee? And above all, who plays bingo in what seems like a retirement home? Well, I guess retirees do…but that’s not what I was looking for.

And the journey continues…

But I bet, you can’t wait to know what’s next for me. Because believe me; I WILL find the inspiration I’m looking for. And I WILL build the greatest casino of all times – if it’s the last darn thing I do! But first, I gotta say thank you to Greta and take her out for dinner.

And guess what I find out there! She is playing in an online casino as well. What is it with everybody and their mother, playing for money online? It’s just not the same, why doesn’t anybody get this? If I have to hear anybody saying; “What happens in Vegas, happens online” ONE MORE TIME, there’ll be hell to pay.

How do you even cash in your chips?

I don’t get it. How can you play in an online casino and expect to get the same badabing and badaboom, you’re getting at a blackjack table with a real dealer, smack in the middle of The Strip?

Anyways, I’m going to show everybody what a real casino can do. But first, I have to find a way to pay for this dinner. Lemme tell ya, Norway ain’t cheap! Catch up with Greta and me in a nice little diner by the roadside and find out what we’re up to in our next episode. And if you just can’t wait – get a sneak peek right now!