Northern Lights Cafe

I’m sure by now all of yous have seen the latest episode of my adventures. And if not, lemme just say…shame on you! But don’t worry, I’ll catch you up real quick; I’m in Norway!

That’s right, I’m in the land of Fjords and mountains, as my journey to find inspiration on how to create the greatest casino of all time continues. Some woman named Greta, picked me up half-frozen from the side of the road and took me to what I thought was gonna be a casino.

Norwegians have a different understanding of casino

VegasRobert wins at bingoBut where did she actually take me? To a crappy, run down “bingo hall”, more like a retirement home, where some oldies play for COFFEE! Who gambles for coffee for cryin’ out loud? Anyways, I told Greta to get me the heck outta there and wouldn’t you like to know where we’re gonna end up next?

You’ll have to stay tuned for the next episode, but lemme tell you one thing I learned about Greta; she’s got all kinds of wise-cracks about casinos – a real firecracker.Only Cheetas in a casino

I think, I might’ve struck gold with that one, because all the ladies I came across here weren’t as friendly and as open as her. I mean c’mon, that sad, sad bingo announcer – seen more life in a corpse at the morgue. She was bored outta her mind, not that I blame her.

Next stop: the best casino in the world

And I’ll tell ya this, on my next episode you’ll see this waitress in a little diner she ain’t the chirpiest bird in the nest! What is it with them gals out here? How can you be so grumpy when you’re living in the country with the prettiest scenery I’ve ever seen? You got the lights, the food, that air… I don’t get it.Grumpy waitress in a diner

Anyways, I’m gonna take what I got from here and I’m gonna find something to excite everyone! And it’s not gonna be some darn online casino with no badaboom and badabang at all. You mark my words; I’m gonna bring the glitz, the glam, the whole shebang! The greatest casino of all times is in my future, I just know it. Stay tuned and stick with me on the way there, it’s gonna be a blast!