Leaving plane

On the road again…

Mar 06,2019

Hey! It’s been a while

Bet you thought I got lost on my pursuit of getting my casino business rolling again. But I didn’t. Lemme tell you what I’ve been up to!

You probably remember that my casino in Vegas was a bit…erm…how do I put it, well…it was going to s#it. Why sugar coat it?

I had some sleazebag lawyer breathing down my neck, trying to kick me out and things were looking dire.

Golden moments count:

VegasRobert taking off on a casino adventureBut then inspiration hit, and I just knew what I had to do! get off my big butt and hit the road to find out how other countries do it.

And that’s how this journey of a lifetime started. It’s also where you’s guys last saw me. Heading off into the sunset on a plane. Where was I headed? You’ll find out soon enough but let me tell you what happened when I hit the airport.

It’s the same everywhere – online casino!

Left and right I see those young guns on their phones, hitting up Online Casinos. It’s just as that sassy pain in my butt, Tammy said: “What happens in Vegas, happens online nowadays!”, is that really how it’s gonna be?Tammy and her big caisno win

Call me old-fashioned or even a stubborn backwater oldie (you wouldn’t do that though, would ya?), but I refuse to go down that easy. I will find a way to bring back the old glitz and glam, if it’s the last darn thing I do!

Anyways, the rest of my trip wasn’t bad and now I finally reached my destination. I won’t spoil the surprise, but we’ll catch up soon and let me tell ya; there’s a lot of catching up to do. I’m still kind of tripping. Can’t believe I’ve really gone and did this. Guess old dogs CAN still learn new tricks – who da thunk it?

Where to next?

I hope all this talk of me heading off to new adventures is making you really curious, because it should! There’s all kinds of shenanigans going on and I can’t wait to share this with alls you guys!

VegasRobert planning his journey. Where will he go? Which casino?