Off to the Northern Lights

I finally arrived at my destination. And darn it, if I won’t be freezing my butt of here. A hot desert city with pretty lights, this is not! But I have firm ground under my feet again, so there’s that.

I feel like this trip took forever, but I finally made it. I got off the plane and almost became a popsicle right then and there. It is so cold here – in Northern Europe – who would’ve thought. I’m not gonna tell you where exactly I ended up. You’ll have to stay tuned for the second episode if you want to find out.

What wouldn’t I do to find the best casino!

But I can tell you what happened to me after I left the airport and hit the road. Well, I kind of got stranded at the side of said road. Darn taxi driver! So, then I was freezing my butt off by the side of the road and this car stops. And this lady asks if I need help.

So, obviously I jump at the chance to get out of the darn cold and maybe hitch a ride to a casino. She said she knew just the place…

Bingo is not what I had in mind when I said casino.

And where does she take me? A freaking Bingo Hall if you can believe it, because I sure couldn’t! It was totally run down and there was nothing but old people. And the big prize that I won? A bunch of coffee grounds – not what I had in mind when I said casino!

So, I guess my search continues, but at least I have a new ally who can show me around. You should definitely stick around for the whole story. If only to find out where I ended up. Relive my journey so far and then check out this little teaser for the next part of it and then find out the whole story next week!